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Behind our services are a dedicated and passionate team of down-to-earth NZ health and safety practitioners

Micayla Johnston

Principal & Consultant

Taking ownership of SafeSupport in 2023 after years of playing a key role in the business, Micayla brings in-depth understanding the NZ trade and construction industry and previous experience running successful businesses. This gives her an empathetic and relatable edge when it comes to working with business owners and managers in their own businesses.

She is a trusted advisor for many construction companies and with over 10 years experience working in the industry. Micayla knows how to provide down-to-earth support, personalised and simplified solutions, all while ensuring a high standard of excellence and consistency to comply with NZ regulations.

Caring about people really is at the forefront of why Micayla dedicates so many hours to the industry she has built her career in. She relates to all levels of the organisations she works with, making her an excellent resource for coaching and educating from the front line to business owners themselves. Leading by example, Micayla promotes good mental health and wellbeing practices, a much needed focus she hopes to be a part of influencing for the NZ construction industry.

Outside work, Micayla enjoys fine wines, absorbing cultures through travel, and spending quality time with friends and family. She also has a passion for interior design and big renovation idea's, much to her husbands despair!
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Health & Safety Consultants

Our team of Health and Safety Consultants bring years of experience, training and knowledge, specialising in all aspects of the construction industry.

Our consultants work together, pulling on the strengths of each team member to provide our clients the best support, always working with their specific needs in mind.
We make things simple by assigning a lead consultant for each client, but you can have confidence the best person for the task is working on your solutions behind the scenes.

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Health & Safety Coordinators

Our superstar Health and Safety Coordinator's have a passion for health and safety and the construction industry.

Our Coordinators play a vital role in our close-knit team, especially when it comes to streamlining our processes. They have all the tools to make your systems safer, easier, and more efficient.

Guided by our Consultants, our coordinators can provide specialised assistance with your day to day H&S processes, taking away the stress of managing the coordination of the many aspects of your H&S system while keeping you accountable. This service is an asset to helping your business run smoothly.

If your looking for a wiz at setting up and managing your H&S Software, our coordinators are you go to people.
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