Ensuring your sites, people and reputation are safe.

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Our health and safety reviews protect your people and your business

Site inspections, site audits, or site visits… No matter what you call it, our site health & safety reviews make your jobs run more efficiently, and you can sleep easier at night.

●  Are your site health and safety plans up-to-date and available to all employees?
●  Does your site management team know their health and safety responsibilities?
●  What is your procedure for reporting and managing on-site risks?
●  How often is your business doing health and safety checks?

Keep you and your team on top of site risks and hazards!

Our site review service makes sure you are compliant with the most up-to-date regulations in the Health and Safety at Work Act, while assessing your processes and overall performance

At SafeSupport, we put your workplace health and safety first. We take an observation approach and capture a risk management/reasonably practicable-based evaluation of the site, rather than producing a pass/fail inspection report. If we see something high-risk, we stop the work to review the methodology and implement corrective action. We are all about providing practical but most importantly simple solutions for your business, to ensure it’s running happily, healthily, and productively.

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