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Personalised health and safety training for site supervisors

In today’s highly competitive environment, workforce training and worksite reputation is critical to your business’ success. SafeSupport offers training to support you in developing an informed and best of all, capable and reputable workforce.

Specifically designed for your staff in your trade or industry, to ensure your people are being taken care of the best they possibly can be at all times onsite

Through our training we ensure supervisory staff are fully equipped to prevent or handle issues meaning you can have peace of mind that your supervisors are good to go. Our training programmes help site supervisors and foremen:

● Understand the importance of health and safety to your business’ profitability
● Look after their team and know their responsibilities
● Raise health and safety awareness of all staff working on-site

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Our training covers topics relevant to today’s health and safety practices and regulations in NZ construction.

These include:

● Approach to work with contractors and subcontractors effectively
● Improvement of safety and efficiency through developing a good culture
● Communication tactics that lead to positive conversations
● Job and site planning and analysis
● Ways of identifying the underlying causes of incidents
● Emergency plans
● And more…

Continuous upskilling opportunities for your workforce

We are committed to equipping your workforce with the most up-to-date knowledge, regulations, and practical tips for improved health and safety systems, processes and practices. SafeSupport also assists your business with running staff health & safety meetings and on-site toolbox talks to communicate with and upskill your staff.

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